I wouldn't want it any other way.

The Maccabean revolt was started by Matityahu HaKohen.

Shai may not survive the operation.

Anything seemed possible back in those days.

Don't go in that building.


Cathrin gave us something in a small box.

I know how you feel about them.

Beverly laid all his cards on the table.

We hope this is true.

Which animal is big?

"However", stressed Vladimir Putin, "today is another situation".

I raised hell.


Craig was just about to say something when Ravi walked into the room.

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They went out of sight at last.

That doesn't mean I'm not happy.


I need to talk with her.

Get a good start by observing carefully.

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Empty places produce the best echoes.

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All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

I dislike big cities.

Petr is quite crazy, isn't he?

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Go and talk to Pilar.

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I need those.


This feels soft and smooth.

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This isn't a bug, its an undocumented enhancement.

I had no idea you couldn't swim.

I feel thirsty.

Are you at home?

The first magic of love is our ignorance that it can ever end.

John had to get along on a shoestring.

What public equipment is there?

My vagina is beautiful!

The rules drivers should keep are as follows.

Nicolette isn't the type of person I want working for us.

I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.


I'm going to try to lose some weight.

Look at her. She's beautiful.

I'm the one who has to pay all the bills.


He made up that story.


The teacher allotted the longest chapter to me.

There were some unexpected questions.

You'll have to talk to me.

It could be beneficial.

I thought you were sleeping.

Jeanette is unscrupulous, isn't he?

What experience do you have in this field?

Debi went without food for a whole week.

Don't be so nosy!


Do what you think is right.

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I know how hard Metin has worked.

Her career had hit its nadir. Little did she know that things would soon improve.

He is tremendously handsome.

Success is not possible without diligent work.

I cannot leave. It's too early.

My name is Eddie, and this is Presley.

No, I'm not frightened of ghosts.

I found some interesting heirloom tomatoes at the farmer's market.

Vladislav and Glen were speaking softly in French.

I figured out how to solve the problem.

Don't touch my spaghetti bridge! The glue is still hardening.

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I brought the documents to my boss.

Never ever do it like this again!

Before this, Shaw called me to ask how the project was coming along.

The soldiers were sent back to their base.

Nothing more could be done.

I think Aaron was as surprised as I was.

What stinks in here?

They contacted their local politicians.

The street was full of advertisements.

You have cancer.

It is careless of me to take the wrong bus.


If I were you, I wouldn't do so.


Is there anyone in this room?

Nothing is new under the sun.

You have a feather on your coat.

Tell him who you are.

Flowers are always a good idea.

No one excels him in English.

The neighbors were enemies for years.


I wish you a good trip.


Jamie really does want this.

What's in fashion in Paris?

He seems not to have realized its importance.

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Leith didn't give anything away.


I'm from another planet.


Until next week.

I invited him over to my place.

I'm trying to get used to driving on the left side of the road.

I missed the train by thirty seconds.

I like chocolate.

I could hear hoots of laughter coming from the next room.

As a result of always being hungry and fatigued, that dog finally died.


Betty was the last to arrive.

It knocks on the door.

I can share.


You don't need to pay for your lunch.

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Tor knew why Nguyen wanted him to leave.


It's when you become able to move that the real value of health hits home.


Can I pick the next song?

That river quickly overflowed due to the downpour.

He was a poet and writer.

I know you still want to look me in the eyes and tell me 'I love you'.

He is second to none when it comes to finding fault with others.


Rebecca wished Monty a happy birthday.

How much have you found out?

I booked through to Paris.

I wonder if Linder is still going to go with us on Monday.

An oil leak was contained by a beaver dam in Alberta.

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Can you get Charles to a safe place?

Lui broke her promises.

I'll pick her up later.

Some students in this university don't even know how to talk to teachers.

On the contrary, I'd never say such a thing.

This fellow is an artist!

Credit card companies are not looking so hard at credit ratings.


Not at all, nobody is.

I think that's more than generous.

You said you were in trouble. How can I help?

I have a wife and family.

She's tall and slim.

A musical score is very useful for the classical music.

I'm at the airport right now.

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Porto Alegre is the southernmost capital city of a Brazilian state.

The Titanic's lifeboats only had enough space to carry about half of those on board.

Why didn't you just call in sick?

In order to get to know a person, one merely needs to travel with them for a week.

We all knelt down to pray.


Until you told me, I had no idea.


Sergeant is capable of anything.


There's obviously nobody here.

Put it there, not here.

I want to speak with him.

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Price has pleaded innocent.

Maybe you should cancel the meeting.

Bryan doesn't see it that way.


I just want to do God's will.

Children often try to imitate their elders.

Mohammad committed a bank robbery.

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The contract provides for a deferred payment over three years.

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Troy was adamant.

Chris wasn't sure if he could do it or not.

Scot was unharmed.

"Clean up in front of the shop first." "OK!" "Sprinkle some water out there too."

What's the most fun you've ever had?


My house doesn't have a roof.

Manny isn't who he says he is.

The pomegranate originated in the region of modern-day Iran, and is now widely cultivated across the globe.

I worked on Mr. Wood's farm when I was young.

Why are you lying to them?

He said so out of envy.

He finally achieved his goals.


I watch television twice a week.

Language opens worlds.

I was born in a small town called Nara.


It was the most painful thing in my life.

I'll paint the house.

Wouldn't you rather spend your time doing something you enjoy?