He gets a reasonable salary as a bank clerk.

Both my father and my brother are fond of gambling.


I tried to get Charles to help me, but he wouldn't.

Come on back, OK?

That boy isn't as mischievous as we thought he would be.

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The snake swallowed a frog.

"Many" is "viele", while "mehrere" is less than "viele"; therefore, "many" isn't so well suited.

They were erected to commemorate a certain event or to tell an ancestral legend.

Not only the balls; the bat was also stolen yesterday.

Haven't we seen him before?

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He is telling a lie.

Bryce pretended to be my friend.

You're geniuses.

Don't you want to know why Sam was here?

I got a message from Manjeri.


Nelken's wasted.


If I die, I want to die in my house.


Leslie ate all my candy.

Brandi is looking for a book about training guard dogs.

I couldn't go with that kind of thinking.

She goes to the beauty salon at least once a week.

I'm doing the very best I can.

The door remaining locked up from inside, he could not enter the house.

Are you part of this group?

Pat didn't even read it.

I burned all the letters that you wrote me.


Izzy has bad table manners.

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Who found him?

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The food in jail was better.


Erik hesitated a moment before speaking.

I knew Thad would say something stupid.

I thought you'd be home studying.

If you drive at night, you should watch out for drunk drivers.

Clay had been down on his luck for some weeks.

You are blessed, Goddess, mother of all creation, because you teach us cleanliness.

Just as it is the tendency of great minds to make one hear much with few words, small minds have a talent for talking a lot, and saying nothing.

I'm just doing what needs to be done.

It's a rule.


I was afraid it would not work out well and sure enough it failed.

I no longer want to live in Boston.

Some areas are already experiencing climate-related disruptions, particularly due to extreme weather events.

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Father has 500 volumes.


It is important to note that his assertion is groundless.

I let it fall.

You'd be grateful if you knew the whole truth.


Who can prevent it?


Mahesh works the evening shift.

Kazuhiro was asleep on the couch, snoring loudly.

I'm there.

I just called to say 'I love you'.

This town needs a smith.

The soldiers retreated from their positions.

Spass lives with his parents in Boston.

I never knew about such a duty.

Brender has no idea what Marsh is thinking.

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If not now, when?

Irvin was elected.

Ralf is wearing earrings.

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Under these circumstances, I cannot accept the offer.


You will soon get to like him.

Where are you planning on going this evening?

The company employs 500 workers.

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The soccer player kicked the ball.

Hitoshi is our enemy.

My mother cooked a big turkey for Thanksgiving.


Mean men's talk is enough to imperil the world.

Have you ever done anything right?

In this paper I limit the discussion to Emmet's 'dyad' style in his works from 1995.


Then Hawking wanted to finish his degree, work at Cambridge, and keep on living.

He doesn't seem to be heading for the town.

There's no way to avoid it.


Your flight was canceled.

I can't just leave him.

Try to understand this.


Why do you think Ric was absent today?

It is sad that his ideas do not go with the time.

Clayton seems to be intelligent.

It's not that big a deal.

It is time to get up.


Just watch me.

We've got some news for you.

The students apologized to the teacher for being late to class.

My disagreement with Eduardo is no secret.

Malaclypse's health has been deteriorating for some time.

Miriamne told me where Suzanne lives.

They forced him to resign.

The Lions caught up in the 7th inning.

Today he cut his finger, therefore he cannot play the piano very well.

Jesper travels the world looking for meteorites.

I wish I'd kept up my French.

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My father failed in business.


It is a custom more honored in the breach than the observance.

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I feel sometimes amazed how much crap some people are able to produce in just one week.

He (had) appointed him general also.

Everybody looked up.

I can beat him!

Ethan might be able to get you what you want.

Examinations interfere with the real purpose of education.

Kamel always worries about his daughter.

Giving up drinking is not an easy task.

I bid against him.

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I'm not worried about the price.

By pooling their money, they were able to afford a new computer for the office.

Amos told us why he'd been absent.

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Bring your racket and we'll play some tennis.


He always walks with a rifle.

I would accept be it small, be it big.

I've heard this story scores of times.

Please ask him to call me.

I don't want to associate with Yumiko; she usually tells lies.

Bernie's father is a police officer.

The pizza was cooked in a wood-fired oven.

I haven't met him yet.

We want our kids to be safe.

Tokyo is larger than any other city in Japan.

Will you kindly let me have a look at it?


You spend too much time alone.

Spiders have eight legs.

I bought a watch the other day. It keeps good time.


He did not listen.

I called Donn up.

Which dictionary is better, Collins or Oxford?

That guy smells of garlic.

Have you told them I'm here?


In the summer, eggs soon go bad.

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You look satisfied.

Whom are you speaking of?

I'll miss you a lot.

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My grandmother is always complaining of the cold.


The candidate waved his hand to whomever he saw.


One of answers is correct.

Arthur is playing with his dog.

In art, as in love, instinct is good enough.

Has Terry been seeing anybody?

Kristen took a sip of his drink.

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Father was tormented by my silly question.


An alcove is useful for storing things.


I am not myself anymore. I've become a laughable caricature of my deepest self.


I suspect you've already done that.

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"How did you like your breakfast, my liege?" "Oh, it had a wonderful dinner-like quality. I'm glad to have such a dedicated cook as you are." "I am ever happy to serve you my best, my King."

They appointed Toft chairman.

I don't speak Irish.


You've given me a lot to think about.

What a great idea!

I tried to convince him that I was perfectly capable of it.


All the villagers went into the mountains to look for a missing cat.


They will follow her.

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I'm not entirely sure.


My grandfather usually eats breakfast at six.


Ping has worked for me for three years.

We aren't that stupid.

The most decisive event of his life was going to happen there.