I don't think this is how it's done.

I have heard nothing from him yet.


There was no way to avoid what happened.


They owned the lot between them.

Valid all day, in all zones.

When I was young, I used to climb trees a lot.

The rumor spread far and wide.

I've learned so much.

What changes the world is communication, not information.

The colors shade from yellow into green.

The baby was taken care of by its grandmother.

I intend to stay in Boston with my uncle.

The drowning man grasped at the rope.

He expected that their talk was going to be long.


I met somebody online.


Let's assume it happened exactly as Steve says it did.


I'm very pleased with Mike's performance.


The top spun perilously close to the edge of the table.

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The high percentage of oxygen makes humans feel energized and alive.


Who was here yesterday?

This makes no sense.

The last letter is mine.


I asked her to be here.

His second son married and settled down.

I just want you to scare her.

Could you spare a few hours?

A small boy needs some person he can look up to.

I don't know what that is.

Did you know that Tomas used to live in Boston?

The girl wore a yellow ribbon in her hair.

I adore my clients.

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Getting started is always difficult.

Perry is very obedient, isn't he?

I didn't expect you back so soon.

Bertrand pried up the floorboards looking for the hidden gold coins.

She wants to study music and dance.


Tell me about your trip.


He died suddenly at the age of 65.

I have to get up anyways.

It's just started snowing.

I don't think it's a good idea.

He just brushed aside any objections to the proposal.


It's a mistake that many people make.

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Everyone needs a place to call home.

I have a feeling that I have been here before.

I don't understand how you can just sit there and not do anything.

Naren has a new girlfriend already.

Mario bought three pounds of bananas.

I think that puts an end to the debate.

It's raining again!

If you meet the Orleanu sisters, invite them to Ruxandra's birthday. And don't forget their brother.

The atheist prayed to a God he didn't believe in.

Geoff says he's really sorry.

Thank you for letting me know that the Model 600-J printer will not be available until May 4, 1997.

I advise you all to get plenty of rest.

Adolescence is often a period of insecurity.

Hotta ironed his shirt.

The hotel lobby boasts a beautiful, crystal chandelier from the 1920s.

The problem is in the motor.

I ran as fast as possible to catch up with them.


Henry refused at first.

He is a fast speaker.

His family was poor, and poor people did not often hear music.

Himawan gave Clem what she needed.

It will cure you of your headache in no time.

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Rogue slammed the bathroom door shut.

He was determined to go abroad.

Do you remember the day when we first met Nathan?

Call me at four; I must take the first train.

You should always think before speaking.

Do you cook just for yourself?

I need to do this three times a day for a month.


I'm able to speak, and only speak, Japanese.

Our club has three times as many members as yours.

I'm not sure I trust her.

I was woken up suddenly at dawn.

He gets a high salary.

If there is a suitable occasion, I'll introduce you to him.

The unstable security situation in Syria also affects Turkey.

I guessed right in nine cases out of ten.

Oh, that's what you mean.

Do you have any Japanese foods?

I think this is the best meal I've ever eaten.

I'd rather not discuss him.

I have to rest.

You almost crashed into my car.

We've only got one chance.

Jennifer has been behaving a little strange.

Have you ever sung in Japanese?

Dori has to take medicine every three hours.

Do you have a table on the patio?


Good food and enough sleep are absolutely necessary to good health.

Ask an expert.

I'll come back for them.

Is there another way to get there?

I'll stay in Beijing for four days.


Tuna is spreading butter on the bread.

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Such plant can be found in Brazil only.

Is it convenient for you if I come at 5 p.m.?

The rich are different from you and me.

I cooked dinner for them.

Throw it there.


There is snow on the mountains.

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I can tell you where to find Dominick.

Last Saturday, my family went to the zoo to see the pandas.

He will come on June 24th.


Mayuko doesn't get enough sleep.

I wanted to talk to you before you left.

Look what I got you.

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Hiroyuki is going to kill all of you.


Germany has won the 2014 FIFA World Cup!


Vance was painfully thin.

I can always come back later if you're busy now.

What can you tell me about him?

I saw him die.

She seemed very happy in contrast to the man.


You're being too hard on yourself.


Put your hands on your head.

Keep walking straight ahead.

Liyuan remembered everything.


Will kept me waiting.


Christian was a good guy.

What is this item called?

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry.

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What's the stupidest thing you've ever seen Mitchell do?

Those are my trousers.

You don't have to tell me if you don't want to.

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Every man shall kiss his lips that giveth a right answer.

I heard you got married.

The artist painted the most intricate of murals on the old stone wall.

You're a powerful woman!

Do you have any disabilities?

This is my old bicycle.

The crime rate is decreasing in Canada.

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She stopped it.

This lamp sends out a powerful beam.

Eileen scraped the mud off his boots.


Investigation on those organisms will give new lights on the quest for new medicines.

Don't let Marie do it alone.

The atmosphere surrounds the earth.


Marion became a real estate agent.

Is your name Milner?

This medicine should be taken every three hours.

We tend to forget this fact.

Four-fifths of all the members were against the plan.

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There was no one in the mine when it blew up.

I need one more favor.

It'll take a long time.


I'm thirty-four.

Let's be aggressive.

I appeal to him for his advice.

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My suitcase got lost.

Only 40 percent of students go on to university.

I watched a movie with Presley.

This book stands high in my opinion.

It's probably just a coincidence.

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What happened to your report card?


There are four men and three women in our house.

Is Raanan going to be all right?

You may take this book so long as you keep it clean.