The game made him excited.

I only have one more favor to ask.

Since Giles and Plastic can't have children themselves, they have adopted a little girl.

I can never thank you enough.

We wish you well, Jinchao.

I want to drive to his house in my car.

Your behavior is in conflict with your principles.

Kim is in really good shape.

Israel won the hundred-yard dash.

You don't need to be nervous.

I found a new meaning whenever I read the book.


Your plan seems better than mine.

The two ran into one another naturally enough at the corner; and then came the horrible part of the thing; for the man trampled calmly over the child's body and left her screaming on the ground.

I have two tickets to a piano concert. Would you like to go with me?

Could you turn down the music a little?

Are you good?


Pratap gave some flowers to Neal.

Please answer all the questions.

Don't put your hands out the window.

I've had a runny nose for two days and I've been feeling an uncomfortable sensation in my throat.

Let no one interfere with me.


Stop blaming him for your mistakes.

I'm very unhappy.

I think we'll go with you.

"Let's buy Julianto a car for his graduation present." "That's a great idea."

He struck his fist on the table.

Russ is dressed.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

Some of my classmate always make a fool of me.

Lila will retire next spring.

Annoying people irritate me.

I'm sorry I don't agree with you on that matter.

They guarantee this clock can be used for a year.

Shutoku wasn't satisfied with the pay he was getting.

Dannie doesn't have to worry about things like that.

I suggest that we stay home and watch TV.

I want you to follow orders.

Drew doesn't think he's ever met you.


You should talk to him now.

I would like some white bread.

I'm tired of waiting for things to happen.

The assembly voted to protest against any nuclear armament.

We have to make the best of what we have.

Everything happened really fast after that.

He showed her the way.


Rhonda wanted to know what was happening.

Harv prayed that his mother would forgive him.

She found confrontations very upsetting.

I think Mr Ashe has just got to have a cigarette.

I had to walk all the way here.


Though he is wealthy he is not happy.

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You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Shit, you couldn't have told me earlier?

Did you hear about what happened last night?

I'm a bit pushed for money.

Galen is currently in danger.

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It happened quite recently.

I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

We'll be fine no matter what happens.

Tyler and Audrey never took their eyes off each other.

A man was accused of killing his wife.

Thanks for all the help you've given me already.

We spent the afternoon cleaning our gear.

That's my song!

His data is not accurate at all.


Would you like my phone number?

Maarten's mother was a wise woman.

Anna and Joel speak Hungarian very well.

She is still in the kitchen.

The child threw a stone at the dog.

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I wonder why Naim said that.

People act without thinking sometimes.

You can't turn back now.

My daughter knows the names of all the different species of dinosaurs.

Ric couldn't understand why his company's products weren't selling well.

Next year we have to clean the whole beach.

His speech impressed us very much.


Sridhar doesn't want to play the piano anymore.


They won't speak to her.

Kyle was sent on an errand to the store.

Gema's grandmother always tells her granddaughter that she's going to be left on the shelf when the latter tells her that she's waiting for Mr. Right.

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I walk to Bilthoven.

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Norm might still be living in Boston.

Luckily nobody got killed.

Huey was a good-hearted guy.

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He wrenched the letter from my hand.

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You are free to use this car.

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This is my room.


Marshall hates the sound of wind chimes.


It was an awkward moment.

Be active in doing good for people.

Get these people out of here.

Let me know if you need any help.

Rafael seemed reassured.

Christian is worried about Torsten.

I don't know. I just got here.

"If you don't get in our way any more, I could see my way to letting bygones be bygones." "That's remarkably generous ..."

We'll be here waiting.

We're the last.

Merat is tall and thin.


You are very welcome.

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You're a pushover.

I'm not concerned at all.

I've already met her.

The key question is not what can I gain but what do I have to lose.

Keep out of this.

My horizons are broader than your pupils after cannabis consumption!

The kidnappers showed no sign of giving up.

Cecilia hanged himself last night.

He had a queer expression on his face.

I knew what I was supposed to do.

Kerry turned on the light and walked in.


I miss her.

I heard that he was very experienced in overseas investments.

I don't feel right about this.

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He doesn't charge much.

All you do is complain!

He spoke of party unity.

Whatever you do, don't forget this.

I wanted to go there.

I didn't mean to be nosy.

This car needs new tires.

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The royal wedding was a magnificent occasion.

Listen to the music.

Hubert welded the two pipes together.

This morning the weather is cloudy.

She fell and broke her nose.

Grant killed three enemy soldiers.

Ann was long coming.

I didn't know who he was.

They look happy.


I've got nothing to confess.

Who is that person over there?

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.


The United States faced a Bubonic plague epidemic at the beginning of the twentieth century.

You must be joking.

Dan severed ties with his daughter, Linda.

Do you know which book sells well now?

We much expected that.

As greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise, infrared radiative cooling by the surface and the atmosphere to space becomes less effective

Besides making the plan, my brother carried it out.


Sehyo said that somebody here needed help.

I must be hallucinating.

Do you speak Klingon?


Yes, she's our manager.

My not going to the market is because the car is broken.

You remember her, don't you?

Read the kind of books that are useful to you.

Brodie probably wants to know when Siping will be arriving.

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I'm glad that I was able to assist you last week.

I don't enjoy teaching children to swim when their parents are around.

I would've helped you if you'd only asked.

She turned off the lights so she could enjoy the moonlight.

I'll still be here tomorrow.

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She's very pretty.


Few people live to be ninety years old.

Brandy says he didn't want anything to eat.

Briggs did his darndest to try and convince his mother to downsize into a smaller house after his father died.

An investigation is ongoing.

Lou didn't want to encourage Emma to do anything that might get her in trouble.


At last, they purchased freedom with blood.

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Dave never returned to school again.

to give significance to dull chores

School is a challenge already?

Light refreshments will be served.

I already knew this.