Those two boys have about the same ability in English.

Bradford got everything he wanted.

Why are you coating this wall with lime?

It has been a good day.

I go near that store myself.

Tipping isn't usually done here.


I can sell it to him.

I believe in that.

Who was the winner?

I know where everything goes.

Lin was gunned down.

I'd like to invite you to the party.

The road is blocked with fallen trees.

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I was laughing so hard my ribs hurt.


I'm looking for Vladislav. You don't know where he is, do you?

I explained the procedure to him.

James is in desperate need of some help.


How do you propose we solve this problem?


Daryl likes to shop at H&M.

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I want to drink something cold.


He is always joking.

She's got an appointment at 11 o'clock.

I asked Mother to wake me up at four.

Kieran will never come here again.

I actually really liked it.

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Rolf cried when his dog died.


I thought I heard the door open.


I'm ready for them now.

He never breaks his promise.

Jeremy doesn't have to answer.

He goes to a school for the deaf.

He has the election under his belt.

Have you ever visited the Statue of Liberty?

He has a bad fashion sense.

You shouldn't have married me.

They'll give in to us some day.


The penalty for spitting is five pounds.


Sonny said he'd been spending a lot of time with Florian.

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I'll take first watch.

True freedom is not in what you do, but in the way you choose to live what you do, and that faculty belongs just to you.

I can still walk straight.


You may use my dictionary.

I expect to win.

We need to move fast.


Shall I give you something to read?

Both of them are busy.

Fix a date for the meeting.

Straka didn't apply for the job.

He's a good driver.

I have turned 20.

You're part of the problem.

He lied brazenly.

That's the ugliest hat I've ever seen.

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Sorry, I can't help.

Russell has been missing since the incident.

Where's your family, Marcia?

He is not mad, nor ever was.

Pedro slowed down and pulled over to the side of the road.

I have some gifts.

I have agreed to let a friend's son come up to this farm by day for about six months as a sort of farm pupil.

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Tuna quickly became Japanese food.

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You're welcome to ride along with us, if you want.

Is the work hard?

Is it a good source of protein?

I'm not afraid of him.

Adrian got out of the hospital.


I just bought a boat.


You should get what you want.

Why are you so hard on yourself?

Open your mouth wide.


She is nothing but a singer.

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He fell asleep with the window open.

Vance went to the hospital.

How does your wife feel about it?

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If you see Sally, don't forget to ask him how his wife's doing.

He got hooked on drugs at a young age.

I knew they were coming.


Ami picked up Owen at the airport.


It's not too far from Boston.

You've got to help her.

Is that all you have to say?

Iranian people strongly believe in the Persian character of the Persian Gulf.

I cannot stop it.


Matthias is extremely secretive.

The boss called Jim into his office and gave him his pink slip.

I'm right behind him.

I don't have much to spend.

During the 15th century, the Ryukyu Kingdom was a tributary state of Imperial China.

He's a young, impressionable teenager.

Just open the door.


Stay away from the pond.

He admitted his guilt.

We're late for the dance.

I have met neither of his sons.

The population of Niue is only about 1,400.


Moran did a bad job.

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I can't pay Dewey.

You may have to help them.

Hardly anyone thinks that we are sisters.


My father is shaving in the bathroom.

Laurie said I shouldn't bother him so much.

Phrases are syntactical units.

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Sylvan will be in later.


He named his dog Popeye.

Would you like to ask anyone else a question?

Six months later, Dan was back in jail.

You seem to understand them.

We had no choice. We had to do what they told us to do.

All the girls love Stevan.

It's hard not to like Carter.

Do you play golf?

I saw some very beautiful scenes.

This must've belonged to her.

Werner is clearly disappointed.

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The commentator began yelling when the referee gave the defender a second yellow card.

I just had breakfast.

Acceptable and unacceptable are clearly in opposition to each other.

Duke plays organ at our church.

Make a clean breast of your secrets.

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Our company has annual sales of a thousand million yen.


I won't tell anybody.

May I apply for asylum?

College is now free in Germany.

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Reinhard felt like an outcast.

"We need to help Kyrgyzstan," said Putin to Hu Jintao... in my dream.

I can't go in there.


What else could Ginny say?

You should wear a helmet when you ride a motorcycle.

"Ah" is an interjection.


Santa has given me three tickets to his concert.


Why didn't Edgar wait?

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Narendra told me I was the one he wanted to talk to.

Anderson is always watching TV.

She wrote a book about animals.

We all have our off days.

You must realize that by now.

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If you want to sound like a native speaker, listen to native speakers whenever possible.

He says he has never caught cold during the past several years.

I don't want to offend them.

Micah is talking in his sleep.

Jef couldn't go with Elaine.


We remind you that all library books are due to be returned by 15th October.

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Marci is chewing bubble gum.

Tait asked Boyd if he could read her mother's letter.

Her dance was as fresh as a daisy.

She won a silver medal.

When we borrow money, we must agree to the conditions.

When he finished running, he was happy.

This bond is null and void.


I thought I'd be fine.

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I've brought a cup of coffee.


Hiroyuki and Norbert dyed some eggs for Easter.

I'm tied up now. Could you make it later?

I started it.