You still don't know what he's going to say.

I don't know how I can ever thank you.


Sandra and Ramneek still live in Boston where they both grew up.

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I think this has something to do with Po's problems.

I'm against big government.

There's something I want you to do.

They have a very nice veranda.

Hotta climbed into bed with his parents.

Spock painted a portrait of his mother.

I don't want to lose my deposit.


Try getting a dog, a cat or a chicken.

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The trail is clearly marked.

I know what Guido did.

All of us know him well.

You are to give up smoking at once.

You look stunning!

That room is too big.

Johnathan wanted me to help you.


You can hear the news on the radio at nine o'clock.

He sat there looking out the window.

Maurice lay down on the grass.

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"What kind of bouquet would you like?" "I would like a bunch of roses!"

I'll get on to her right away.

Bonnie bought that car for three thousand dollars three months ago.


He didn't dare to jump over the brook.

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Do you like your steak rare?

Piercarlo is in his office.

"Do you think she's okay?" "I don't know."


It's a driverless car.

What's our status?

I promised Clyde I'd eat with him.

Is Sao Paulo a good place to live?

He acted strange.

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I wasn't very hungry anyway.

Why are you calling Ami names?

I had a splitting headache.

You're not doing this right.

Her leave request was denied.

Marcos crossed three names off the list.

Liisa has a way with old people.

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Do it Monday.

Are you looking for these?

Are you trying to speak with that person?

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I don't sugar my coffee.

This morning I missed the train I usually take.

She stopped studying. She left the university without a degree.

Ernst warmed himself in front of the fire.

Where did all these people come from?

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It's extremely important that we speak to Saqib.

She should listen more to other people.

You always tell me I should be proud of my heritage.

You should talk to him, too.

He's just a dreamer.

Professor Goto directed my graduate work.

Father showed him into the study.

Happy birthday to me!

What's past is past.

A major breakthrough in our understanding of the universe took place in the 1920's thanks to American astronomer Edwin Hubble.

A hedge between keeps friendship green.

Construction began in 2013.

He was discharged from the army.

Could you sign here, please?

Pilar has such a plaintive quality to his singing voice that even his happy songs sound sad.

You'll die out there.

The students were for the most part from the West Coast.

I can spare you some money.

Nothing could've made Lila happier.

Do you want to have some tea?

His attendance is irregular.

The genome of this virus is unknown.

A trivial problem does not require a long cogitation.

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The two statements don't agree.


I waited for one.

The bus now arriving is going to the International Terminal via Domestic Terminal 1.

I love being outside.

My brother in Boston is studying to become a teacher.

We're trustworthy.


Why does it take them so long to set up my internet connection?


It hasn't always been like this.


Axel hasn't had time to do what you asked him to do.


I bought a slow cooker.

And whoever thinks otherwise gets a chance to think about it for twelve years in the open air of the Siberian woods.

I'm on a fixed income.


Carthage was built by Dido.

You have not changed at all.

I can do that for Rolfe.


We don't have a dog.

Your marriage is in trouble.

Anderson and Victor are different.

Can you hold on a little longer?

I've got a great idea.

The town where he was brought up lies east of Osaka.

I can be your best friend.

You should call your mother as soon as possible.

Piet wants to forgive his father for abandoning him.

I've always wanted to learn how to play the mandolin.

I can do anything I want.

She gave me hell.

She banged the table with her fist.

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Do you believe in UFOs?

He's shorter than Lenora.

The Vietnamese are very hospitable.

Guillermo doesn't like men who sound like Real.

Russell is around thirty years old.

French is Lorien's native language.

The child slept on its mother's lap.


I have to go find her.

I want you to stay with me.

Who's going to pay for that?


Would you care to try one of these?


Are Scots really stingy?

I want to make a pie.

She was much delighted at my gift.

I don't know exactly what to do.

If I had been in time for the train, I would be there now.

I just wanted to finish it before I went home.

Please consider the environment - do you really need to print this email?

This is a very funny story.

I felt that.

I hear that she is a famous actress.

Mosur isn't very good company.

Vidhyanath bought his daughter a new dress for the party.

Howard looks respectable.

It's beautiful.

I have 3 projects that I need to finish up by the weekend!


How can I return home?

She forgave you.

Sex is good.


I love lasagna.

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I work for a bank.


Winston is going to propose to Alexander.

I don't know when I will return.

Yesterday was very cold so I wore a hat.

Howard offered Narendra a choice.

The British and the French came around, took a map and drew up a few lines here and there.

He gave me what I needed.

Tharen is shaving his beard.

Can you give me something for the pain?

It's 300 miles from here to Boston.

Uranus is one of the smaller gas giants in our solar system, but it is still large enough to hold 64 planets the size of Earth.

That food is so bad that I wouldn't dream of eating it.


Loren was rushed to the emergency room.

I suggested to Ira the possibility that he work with Ram.

His code's readability drowned in a riptide of nested parentheses.


Why didn't you try the dress on before you bought it?

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Bob forgot to bring the pass, which made him late for school.

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Please give me that book.


Gregory knocked lightly.


I can't believe we're really living here.

If you plan well, you can spend less time doing unnecessary things and get the work done faster.

Thanks to each and every one of you for your friendship and support.

Clay is sensible.

Stop blaming him for your mistakes.

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Why didn't you tell me you had a friend in the FBI?

Del got up off the floor.

I won't lie to Kathryn.

She said that she's living in Osaka.

Jeffery can spell better than Vijay.

She tried on a new dress.

Ritchey spent a lot of money last weekend.

I'm here to teach you some manners.

Margaret is away on vacation.

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Hui told me that the trip had been canceled.