The sun disappeared behind the clouds.

Everything was fine until Harris set the house on fire.

Victoria was amazing.

He went back to the store.

I can't tell her now. It's not that simple anymore.

He lost his position only because he refused to tell a lie.


What's done can't be undone.

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You have to talk to them.

No is lying ill in bed.

Sometimes I feel like saying, "To hell with it all."

Lee always makes a mess of things.

Nobody saw Rolf do it.

You two are really kind.

Randall, I'm bored.


Let's see who can hold their breath underwater the longest.

Pratt drank twice as much beer as Hiroyuki did.

I'm only trying to comfort you.

It's recommended that you don't write your passwords down where others might see them.

I have hot flashes.

Novo has something hidden behind his back.

I am kind of interested in foreign films.

Is it possible for me to raise the animal?

I'm pretty sure that Oskar wouldn't do that.

Let's not talk about her.

The police entered the room and shot Saify.


Ya look nice in your kennel.

I've been impressed with Syun's work.

I do not feel myself equal to the task.

Juha was a failure.

Will you please help me carry this suitcase?

Why didn't someone help her?

Please don't tell Saify what I just told you.

Elric wrote his phone number on a napkin and handed it to Bret.

Charlene isn't very good at speaking French.

That was an eagle owl.

The government banned cigarette advertising on television.

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Ricky was seriously injured.


Amy confessed to stealing the jewelry.


The baby is asleep. Don't make a noise.


Shadow is seated across the table from Ross.

I'll let Vinod go.

He filled the cup to the brim.

Rick's dad is a university professor.

In the United States, school buses are yellow.

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This course will help you master correct pronunciation.

The pasture is full of weeds.

You won't get anywhere arguing with a disturbed individual like that.

He is the only son that we have ever had.

Those are not my rules. They're Dan's.


I've never been so happy in my entire life.

This graph breaks down the different costs involved in producing the iPad.

Loyd went out with Judge on Friday night and with Alice on Saturday night.

French developed from Latin.

Johann has been put in jail.

She made friends with Daryl at the party.

That's not nice.


The villa is located several kilometers from the sea.


I'm suggesting it's a possibility.

A dog who is a good barker is not a good dog.

My sister is the tallest person in our family.


I want to go with you, but I'm broke.

Who cooks for you?

Are you asking me to leave?

Remove your shirt and lie down.

Why would he want to impress me?


After working all week, we took it easy on Sunday.

Real didn't agree with Jackye about the matter.

May I talk to him?

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Deirdre wants to be a nun.

In what month were you guys born?

Darci drew a gun and shot Ramadoss.


I'm ready and willing, Micah.

There seem to be some pictures missing from this album.

I'll meet them in Boston.

For others, it is a vision of what could be.

She drank a cup of coffee.

I will do whatever you wish.

For the boy, his father represented authority.

Do you have any idea who could be behind this?

"You slept with her!" "I did not."

It seems hard to believe.

Jacobson is teasing.

If I fail to find a new job in Boston within 6 months, I will return to Chicago.

Is that what Rafik taught you?


Is that seat available?

Do you feel like having a snack?

The oil price is falling.


I have asked you to listen.

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Hey, I can't ask for more than that.


I don't have as many of these as I wish I had.

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Today is a day of remembrance for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the good of the United States.


I don't like her one bit.

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They were very assertive.


I feel like going to bed early tonight.

Give me a toothpick.

The bigger a city grows, the dirtier the air and water become.

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Celia left a message for Lui.

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He is full of new ideas.

It goes without saying that time is money.

He ridiculed my idea.

I think it's doable.

I wish I was by your side right now.

Someone called Mr Dell is waiting for you in your office, Mrs Stevens.

I have sisters.

Is that a problem for you?

They fight like cats and dogs.

The native language is now used on many web-sites.

I told Margaret that I didn't know that answer.

It has been shown in most studies on this subject that intervention of the legislature had adverse effects.

Watch out for cars when you cross the street.

I will show you some.

Maybe we should help Len.

The price of milk has soared in the last month.

He is a quiet person.

We must not get angry at things: they don't care at all.

Your train leaves from Platform 10.

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Takao found a four-leaf clover.


Please give me a pound of meat.

The building looks down on the whole town.

Amigo works for a Canadian company.

Andy is responsible for what happened to Jennifer.

They learn to do without being taught.

Van couldn't get a word in edgewise.

Excuse me, do you speak English?

Which do you like better, Denver or Montreal?

How much did all this cost?

Life's short.

We have to wait until we have more information.

I'd like to visit you next week. What day of the week would it be convenient for you?

I'm not as tall as you.

Did I tell you I think you're pretty?

He goes with his mother to Russia every year.

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That's the only logical choice.

Mr Brown belongs to the upper class.

If I should be late getting home, please don't wait up for me.

The popularity of the Internet has led to full-time shills being paid by governments and corporations to pretend they are concerned citizens on social media.

I brought you lunch.

Do you need a break?

I have orders.

Rudy was half expecting this.

We just hope we'll get paid.

I'm always going to be here for you.

He went to Italy ten years ago and has lived there ever since.


I think Jean-Christophe has been punished enough.

I was there the other day.

My wish is to conquer this mountain.

Ira has lived in Boston for over a year.

She is a singer whose reputation is growing fast.

You'll be told in advance.

The fire is out.

We could talk about it.

She has occult powers!

I'm dead tired.

You need to lie still.

What shall we do next?

Tears began to roll down her cheeks.

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It has been snowing since this morning.

Recently many people have been losing their jobs.

They don't exist any longer.

This lawn mower runs on petrol.

Poverty had taught him to stand on his own feet.


Herbert has broken the record.

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That's super easy.


He is the first national politician to be named in a widening corruption scandal.

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You alone are my hope.